Cage Design has created a series of posters that depict favorite cycling areas in the Twin Cities (Minneapolis and St. Paul, Minnesota)! We have 8 individual posters and and two 'commemorative style' posters with 4 on one page. Each poster costs $35 plus shipping. They are 20" x 30" and printed on a thick, satin paper stock. If you are interested in purchasing any posters, please go to this website:

Payment options, including PayPal internet invoicing, will be detailed upon emailing the above address. Please specify which poster(s) you are interested in.

01 Hiawatha bridge

This beautiful pedestrian bridge spans Hiawatha Avenue in Minneapolis, allowing riders on the Midtown Greenway trail to fly over the top of busy street traffic as well as light rail trains. This view is from the south, with the downtown Minneapolis skyline in the background. This bridge was officially opened late in the fall of 2007, and is not only a godsend for Twin Cities cyclists, but also a beautiful work of art. The bridge was officially named the Martin Olav Sabo bridge earlier this year, in honor of former Minnesota Congressman Martin Sabo, but I just call it the Hiawatha Bridge.



02 THE HIGH bridge

The High Bridge, or Smith Avenue Bridge, is the highest bridge in the Twin Cities area. It soars 160 ft above the Mississippi River, with a downward slope from south to north. I always try to work the High Bridge into any of my rides in St. Paul. You get a beautiful view of the river, downtown St. Paul, the St. Paul Cathedral, Harriet Island park, and the paddleboats that frequent this section of the river. I like to climb to the ridge on the south side of the river via Ohio Street, then glide across the bridge going north.




Summit Avenue is a main east – west residential street across St. Paul, from the Mississippi River on the west to the St. Paul Cathedral on the east end. Although there is plenty of traffic on this avenue, the well marked bike lanes, the beautiful mansions, boulevards, and trees make it an excellent biking venue. The view in this poster is a bird’s eye view of Summit looking west, just after the intersection with Lexington Avenue. Summit Avenue alternates between a boulevard, with separated traffic lanes, to a more normal single avenue at various points along the way. Riding along Summit Avenue takes you past the Governor’s mansion, Macalaster College, and St. Thomas University on the far west end.




West River Parkway is the street that follows the Mississippi River on the Minneapolis side. Like Mississippi River Boulevard on the St. Paul side, it is a popular route for both serious and casual cyclists. The more serious cyclists stick to the street, although it is not the smoothest pavement to be found, while the casual cyclists frequent the adjacent bike paths. This particular view is facing the Mississippi River from the south, just to the west of the Hennepin Avenue Bridge, which is shown in the poster. The famous Grain Belt Beer sign is just across the river next to the bridge.





The Guthrie Theater, located along West River Parkway just south of the Mississippi River in Minneapolis, is already an icon of Twin Cities architecture. It’s midnight blue color, and unique cantilever bridge that juts out over the parkway, make it a highlight of any ride along the river in Minneapolis. The new, contemporary building sits just to the east of the old flour mills, as you can tell by the Gold Medal Flour sign in the background. This view is looking west along West River Parkway.





The Stone Arch Bridge is another Twin Cites landmark that spans the Mississippi River just north of the Guthrie Theater and the flour mills. The bridge, was built in 1883 by railroad tycoon James J. Hill for his Great Northern Railway. The famous St. Anthony Falls section of the Mississippi is just up stream from the bridge. Today, the structure is used as a pedestrian/bicycle bridge. This particular view is looking south towards downtown Minneapolis. Like the High Bridge in St. Paul, I usually try to include a ride over the Stone Arch Bridge in any of my rides along the river in Minneapolis.





The Midtown Greenway is a bicycle path crossing Minneapolis from east to west from the lakes area on the west to the Mississippi River on the east. It occupies a former train track, and now includes the beautiful Hiawatha Bridge to allow cyclists to bypass Hiawatha Avenue. This particular view is looking west, from 17th Avenue. Each cross street passes over the Greenway via similar bridges, many of which were built back in the early 1900s.





This tree lined boulevard follows the Mississippi River on the St. Paul side. There are always plenty of cyclists on the road as well as on the adjacent bike paths. Runners and roller bladers also are abundant along this boulevard. You see lots of fit, athletic types from the U of Minnesota and St. Thomas along its paths. This particular view is looking south, just before the sharp turn left to climb up to the St. Thomas campus.





A nice mix of colors and locations to enjoy!





Another nice mix of colors and locations to enjoy!