I learned the basics of knitting in summer of 2007 from a friend in Boulder, but since traveling the world I've had a self-taught process of learning. I love the repetitive, calming process of knitting and the creativity involved. It's been a great hobby for me to do while traveling, inbetween design projects, or to do while my boyfriend is working! Designing my own patterns on my computer first is the perfect way for me to customize my knitting projects! Of course, there are hand-painted labels too.

My newest creation, somewhat girly but I LOVE the colors!


My luxurious 100% Italian Merino wool cardigan.

Alex's 2yr anniversary gift!

Christmas gifts 2009, the "flap collection" and super soft scarves!

...and now expanding on from hats to real clothes!
Started with baby clothes, they're smaller and take less time to make :)cardigan4.jpg

Cute gray baby sweater/hoodie, took me quite some time to make!

And more baby hats... baby cashmerino is sooo soft!

Some older hats, how I got my start (and addicted to knitting!)