Cage Design, LLC

was established in July of 2007 as a multi-disciplinary design studio. Cage Design focuses on the many areas of graphic design: from print, environmental, and the many other overlapping realms of design. Look around you: almost everything you see needs someone to design it!

Just as design is everywhere, Cage Design has the flexibility to be anywhere in the world. The company was established in Boulder, Colorado, and was inspired by the mountains and beauty of nature. The next phase of the company involved a year of travel and setting up shop in Munich, Germany. Most recently, Cage made the cross-ocean/country move back to the US and is now working out of Santa Monica, California. I am very much enjoying the warm weather and being integrated into Santa Monica graphic design. However, I will continue to explore and travel the world, always looking for new sources of inspiration. Besides the love of design, I also get my thrills from outdoor sports (mountain biking, road biking, snowboarding, skiing, trail running, surfing), music, sewing and making clothes, knitting, painting, anything hand-made, and spending time with family and friends.